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Leader: Ron Kunzweiler

Praying for Revival

The following quotes were taken from:
America’s God and Country Encyclopedia of Quotations, on James McGready p. 437-438
As a young pastor, in 1797, James McGready entered into a covenant with his small congregations in Kentucky, vowing;
   Therefore, we bind ourselves to observe the third Saturday of each month for one year as a day of fasting and prayer for the conversions of sinners in Logan County and throughout the world. We also engage to spend one half hour every Saturday evening, beginning at the setting of the sun, and one half hour every Sabbath morning at the rising of the sun in pleading with God to revive His work.
In June of 1800, the five hundred members of McGready’s three congregations gathered at Red River for a “camp meeting” which lasted several days. On the last day:
“ A mighty effusion of (God’s) Spirit” came on everyone” and the floor was soon covered with the slain; their screams for mercy pierced the heavens.”
In late July of 1800, they planned another camp meeting at Gaspar River. To their amazement 8,000 people arrived, some from distances over 100 miles away. Baptist, Methodist, and Presbyterian ministers all worked together. On the third night:
    The power of God seemed to shake the whole assembly. Towards the close of the sermon, the cries of the distressed arose almost as loud as his voice. After the congregation was dismissed the solemnity increased, till the greater part of the multitude seemed engaged in the most solemn manner. No person seemed to wish to go home—hunger and sleep seemed to affect nobody—eternal things were the vast concern. Here awakening and converting work was to be found in every part of the multitude; and even some things strangely and wonderfully new to me.
In August of 1801, Barton W. Stone (1772-1844), with numerous Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian ministers, planned a camp meeting at Cane Ridge, Kentucky. A multitude of 25,000 people came, from as far away as Ohio and Tennessee. (the immensity of this crowd is appreciated when one considers that Lexington, the largest town in Kentucky, only had 1,800 citizens.) Rev. Moses Hoge described the meeting:
Nothing that imagination can paint, can make a stronger impression upon the mind, than one of those scenes. Sinners dropping down on every hand, shrieking, groaning, crying for mercy, convulsed; professors praying, agonizing, fainting, falling down in distress, for sinners or in raptures of joy!...
As to the work in general there can be no question but it is of God. The subjects of it, for the most part are deeply wounded for their sins, and can give a clear and rational account of their conversion.
This might seem a little radical to us Baptists today, but God met the back woodsmen of Kentucky and Tennessee right where they lived with an awesome display of the convicting power of the Holy Spirit. No this was not the fake sensationalistic movements we see promoted by some modern day tele-evangelistic ministries… the evidence was long lasting changed lives and behavior. The backwoodsmen stopped biting each other’s ears off, brawling, and consuming their corn liquor and white lightning. They went home and became Godly fathers and mothers who now devoured the word of God, the Bible instead.
             Are you tired of a 41% illegitimacy rate, or how about the fifty-five percent of American children who will live in a fatherless home by their 6th birthday or the statistical fact that girls who live in that environment are 5 times more likely to become sexually active before they are seventeen?   If true revival ever hit America again you would see massive amounts of pornographic video’s and DVDs burned and the cable networks would see a mass Exodus of subscribers. Men who were formerly addicted to internet porn would be burning their computers, and yes, divorce lawyers would be plying for a different trade. The drug trade in Pike and Lincoln Counties would die.
Wouldn’t you like to see revival in our day? Let me ask it a different way, do you think America can last much longer if revival does not come soon?   A spiritual awakening does not come by chance, it comes because God’s people recognize their own inadequacy and plead with God to do what only He can do and that is to revive His work.

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